The Pocket Guide to Year 2000

Many links are probably out of date and won't work. The pages are left here for reference

This page provides a little basic information, and links to Year 2000 resources which are publicly available on the Internet. Please note the Pocket Website philosophy.

The Pocket Guide aims to include primarily sites which are good gateways to a range of other resources, and not to be an exhaustive index of everything. The structure has been stable for a while now, and the structure seems to work; but, even so, its structure may change without warning. We recommend you bookmark only this page.

We must have been doing something right. The Pocket Website got three times as much traffic in December 1999 as in a normal month! Thanks for visiting!

It is maintained on a "best efforts" basis. We will try and fix errors, but this is a spare time occupation! Please send comments to Parkside Information Management. Find out what has been recently changed.

Dates in (parentheses) after entries indicate when the reference was added to a page. They are for display only, and I don't think "00" will be confused with "1900", so only 2-digit years are used!

2000 years since what? by the way ... do you know?


A non-technical outline of the problem
Some key dates
Specific information for embedded systems
Official information (international, national and local government projects and awareness; standards)
2000 years since what? and are you Jubilee Aware?
General online information sources including special reports 
Paper publications and other resources not available online
Product compliance information (from the vendors and others), and general information provided by vendors 
Year 2000 solutions providers and some odds and ends
Beacon sites: watching the rollover - and what really happened!
Potential rollover-linked virus attacks
Implementation news and lessons learned (from company Annual Reports and elsewhere) 
Industry associations and other sector-specific information 
IT industry Y2K Groups and Conferences (including some transcribed press releases)
Business and societal consequences including personal preparedness
Legal and political angles
Press coverage (computer press, financial coverage and general news) with some other news items

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The Pocket Guide to Year 2000
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