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This page identifies a few international websites to watch for information through the rollover and the following days, and through the year to come. Also see what really happened!

We have some information about how governments and other public bodies themselves plan to handle the rollover.

If you want to check when other timezones roll over, look at the Time Zones links on our Pocket World page or download a table from ASET (needs Acrobat Reader)

Also, here are some ideas what you need to go on watching for through the year 2000.

Rollover and global command centres by time zone

Other sources

Leon Kappelman points out that telecommunications equipment east of GMT in the world uses GMT time in its internal processors instead of local time. "Follow the sun" may not be much help for telecomms, therefore!

The Internet will be monitored by the Internet Operators Group in an operation called Silent Night (20 Dec 1999)

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Watch on!

A more comprehensive list of problem dates is provided by MITRE (20 Dec 1999)

What really happened?

All the date glitches: see The Original Y2K Screenshot Page (5 Jan '00)

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