Latest changes to the Pocket Guide to Year 2000

21st Nov 1999 Second new page: follow the rollover here. I also fixed a lot of broken links in the  red blobs on the Pocket Year 2000 front page
15th Nov 1999 First new page for over a year: the Y2K Virus page
31st Oct 1998 Added a new page exploring business and societal outcomes
Added separate page focussing on specific industry sectors
28th July 1998 The Pocket Guide has joined the Millennium Resource Site Ring
A number of new sources have been added throughout the site and minor restructuring of some pages.
8th June 1998 Added list of key dates
12th June 1998 Restructured solution providers list and added a little information about costs
24th March 1998 Added Why 2000?
Added Implementation news
Restructured index page
1st March 1998 Separated User Groups, Conferences and Press releases from External information sources.
30th Jan 1998 All major areas of the Pocket Website now have their own colour codes, to help you find your way around. Year 2000 is orange. 

Added a page on Legal Angles (now called Legal and Political Angles)

1st March 1998 Included this Changes page

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