Pocket 2000 - Millennium Viruses

The "Millennium Bug" is not a virus.

Year 2000-related problems cannot cause virus attacks.

But there is a quite separate challenge.

It seems likely that malign code will be released into "the wild" on 1 January 2000, or may already be out there waiting for the rollover. Security experts and antivirus vendors are taking these possibilities seriously.

There's a longer holiday than usual over this New Year. So, you may be working on your home machine when normally you'd be at work. The chances are, your home computer is not protected behind a company firewall or e-mail scanner. Protect and survive!

The Pocket Guide therefore recommends

  • Make sure your virus software is up to date. Get upgraded now, not when you've already been caught!
  • Check for driver upgrades shortly before the Christmas break.
  • If you don't have a virus scanner on your computer, GET ONE! (no apology for shouting!!)
  • Be especially vigilant between 31 December and 6th January (the end of the official Christian celebration of Christmas).
  • Don't be tempted to skip scanning; check any attached file which arrives in your email.
  • Check your virus scan website regularly after the New Year to see if any incidents have been authenticated
  • CERT Coordination Center have a specific Y2K virus page - check it regularly (28 Dec 99)
  • For general information about security issues and abuse, check the Pocket Website's Pocket Security page.

    We also link to the major antivirus vendors. Check out their research or response centres which will have specific information for Y2K.

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