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Press and other publications

This page provides links to the general and computer press. In general, we link to the publications' home pages or search pages, with suggestions on how to search effectively. We also highlight a few key stories.

Web publication normally seems to lag the paper copy by a few days. Don't expect to find stories on the web sites as soon as the printed copy hits your desk.

This is also the section of the Pocket 2000 Website which will go out of date most quickly. Sometimes I don't have time to check and update the highlights. Visit the sites yourself for the most up to date information.

Some publishers "retire" their archive information after a while. If you find links which no longer work, please send details.

Page down for occasional news items from other sources.

These are the publications we currently have links to (click the icon for more information):
in the UK: 
in the USA: 
Computer Weekly 
Bus. Comp. World 
PC Week (UK)
Netscape World 

For UK news coverage see Y2K News (28 Jun 99)

Other news items

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If you know of additional publications or specific highly relevant articles available on the internet which might be featured, please send details.

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