Pocket Personal Choices

Internet services which I find particularly useful. Things get added and removed as my habits change.
I do use (most of) these services, but I don't warrant them!!

Collaborate and communicate

CiX Conferencing (*24 Aug 2009)
wide ranging communities knowledgeable about any topic under the sun (well almost)
LinkedIn (29 Nov 2005)
create, maintain and exploit your personal network and those of your contacts
Skype (4 Oct 2006)
phone, presence and instant messaging between members for free; break out to public networks for less. Read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.
Send large files that someone's email won't handle by TransferBigFiles (up to 30 Mbytes free) (7 Jul 2010) or WeTransfer (up to 2GBytes free) (6 Oct 2016)
Doodle (20 Nov 2013)
calendar sharing and replication
del.icio.us (*20 Nov 2013)
tag to share what you've found
Biblet (*20 Nov 2013)
get WMDecode to find out what's in those winmail.dat files you get from Microsoft mail users whose servers aren't configured properly

Simpler Surfing

BugMeNot (*10 Dec 2004)
Stores logins for a range of sites that request registration for access to trivial data. Pick up and use their stored login – keep your details private
WatchthatPage (*20 Nov 2013)
To track this or any page on the Web (basic free service)
Internet Watch Foundation (*20 Nov 2013)
report offensive web traffic
Technorati (*20 Nov 2013)
search/watch/analyse the conversation on the web
Symantec Security (*20 Nov 2013)
Check your online vulnerability
QR code scanner from WebQR (17 Sep 2015)
Decode a scanner or captured QR; others are available but this one will show the decode and, if it is a web link, will provide an active link – rather than jump to it automatically

Traveller's Aid

mail2web (*10 Dec 2004)
Interrogate your POP3, AOL or other mail from any browser
Use it to pre-delete spam to avoid downloading
Use when travelling - but keep continuity on your own system
Time Zone Converter (*20 Nov 2013)
Date and time anywhere to anywhere (cities by continent)
Google Earth (*20 Nov 2013)
Satellite images of anywhere on earth, at whatever scale data are available, and more! PC only for full version

Designer and other tools

Vimeo upload videos, Creative Commons licensing (15 Nov 2013)
HTML Validator from W3C, validates links and other features of your code (*20 Nov 2013)
PDF to Word converter upload document, return by email (*20 Nov 2013)
PDF to Powerpoint similarly (*20 Nov 2013)