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Internet management and development

W3C W3C, the WorldWide Web Consortium, is the global oversight body for the Web. Look here for information about Web standards and developments including HTML, XML, accessibility guidelines and style sheets. W3C in the UK is now hosted by Nominet, which took over from the Science & Technology Funding Council's Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (and predecessors) in 2010 (*29 Apr 2014)
Internet Society Professional organisation with both individual and corporate members, providing leadership for Internet futures (*29 Apr 2014)
Internet Engineering Task Force IETF, the standards body for the Internet overall (*29 Apr 2014)
Internet Architecture Board (*29 Apr 2014)
ICANN Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, manages Internet domain name space at the highest level, under licence from the US Department of Commerce as agreed by the 2005 WSIS meeting (*29 Apr 2014)
IGF Internet Governance Forum, United Nations body set up in 2005 to provide a forum for international oversight (31 Jan 2006)
RIPE NCC RIPE is Europe's Network Coordination Centre, one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities. Originally Réseaux IP Européens, collaborative forum for IP networks in Europe and beyond. (*29 Apr 2014)
Internet Systems Consortium Supports the Internet "and the autonomy of its participants" by developing and maintaining core production quality software and protocols (for example BIND, DHCP) and operations, hosting one of the 13 Root Name Servers (*29 Apr 2014)

Information resources

CERN: The birth of the Web CERN (Centre Europeéen des Recherches Nucléaires) was the cradle of the WorldWide Web, developed to meet the need for automated information sharing between collaborating researchers in many different institutions worldwide. (*29 Apr 2014)
WSIS World Summit on the Information Society, United Nations global forum 2003-2005 to develop national and international policy (*29 Apr 2014)
Most previous dedicated resources providing information on the Internet and the Web have either been withdrawn or allowed to become outdated, so we no longer provide links. Use Wikipedia or a web search!

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Technical data and challenges

  • 404 Research Lab to look up, or fix, those Error 404 messages (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Web Standards Project pressure group to maintain universal standards (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Webreference "The Webmaster's Reference Library", statistics, design features, tools (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Our Search Engine list has been withdrawn as outdated, unmaintainable and no longer needed. We also no longer attempt to provide links to statistics about Net usage. (Apr 2014)

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    Domain names etc

  • InterNIC public information about registration services and information on registered domains (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) manages the DNS Root Zone (*29 Apr 2014)
  • IANA Root Zone database all top level domains, both country and category. Be surprised how many there are! (*29 Apr 2014)
  • ICANN Internet Committee for Assigned Names and Numbers , principal registrar (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Nominet UK top level domains and a WhoIs search (*29 Apr 2014)
  • Network Solutions, Inc (*7 Aug 2000)
  • We no longer attempt to identify third party Internet business directories.

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