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All about Giving - tax efficient giving for UK residents, information about Gift Aid, CAF Charity Account, and more (*25 Oct 2004)
from CAF (see below)

Economic justice

* Make Poverty History the 2005 campaign continues (*8 Jul 2006)
* Make Trade Fair international Oxfam campaign (31 Oct 2006)
Trade Justice Movement – a group of organisations campaigning for fundamental change to the rules (22 Mar 2005)
Fair Trade Foundation (UK) — buy Fair Trade, help beat the spiral of debt. Look for the mark (*25 Oct 2004)
Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) international organisation for charities (*25 Oct 2004)
Methodist Relief and Development Fund the outreach organisation of the Methodist Church (24 Sep 2005)
Christian Aid Worldwide aid, issues and campaigning (*25 Oct 2004)
World Vision Christian relief and development agency (8 Jul 2006)
Jubilee Debt Campaign continuing the work of Jubilee 2000, supporting economic justice campaigns worldwide (*17 Nov 2008)
  • Why Jubilee?
  • Peace and reconciliation

    Peace Pledge Union – over 70 years working for peace (11 Nov 2004)
  • Wear a white poppy on Remembrance Day (11 Nov 2004)
  • Peace in your Pocket – add your online peace prayer flag, thoughts and ideas (20 Sep 2007)


    Action for Children formerly the Methodist Church's National Children's Home & Orphanage (16 Dec 2009)


    British Heart Foundation and the London to Brighton Bike Ride (14 Feb 2008)

    Recommended readings

  • Colin Morris's Things Shaken, Things Unshaken (Epworth Press, 2005) takes a serious look at the theology of the "war on terror" – and therefore at its politics – and will stimulate your thinking (14 Feb 2008)
  • For a balanced account of the benefits as well as the problems created and left behind by the British and other empires, read Neall Ferguson's brilliant book Empire (14 Feb 2008)
  • Read this sermon preached at Southover Church on Remembrance Sunday 2004. Rome was the unchecked superpower when Jesus was born. Bush's US is the unchecked superpower now. The parallels are not exact, but they are striking (11 Nov 2004)