Latest changes to the Pocket Website

This page records changes to the main section of the Pocket Website

The Pocket Guide to Year 2000 is still on the system but is not being, and likely never will be, further updated.

We list the dates when references were added to the site. If a date is not given, it is prior to 6 May 1998 when this convention was adopted. A * indicates the reference was confirmed on that date
12-15 Feb 2021 First major change for a long time – updating the footers of all pages so that the redirect to the Home Page actually works on the new server (which defaults to index.htm not default.htm). Some long-since unlinked pages, left on the site in case anyone had direct links, have been removed. Page contents have NOT been checked, and we realise a lot of content is badly out of date.
13 Mar 2016 Restructured the Science page. Checking of links not yet complete.
29 Apr 2014 Starting the process of reviewing the IT section of the site which hasn't been touched for years. As a start, the About the Internet page has been pruned of a lot of redundant information; there's no longer any need for lists of search engines, and a lot of sources about the Internet itself have either been withdrawn of allowed to go out of date. I've removed a couple of pages elsewhere which are no longer linked.
4 October 2012 A small change this time; the Leisure page has been slightly reorganised again to make room for a (growing) section on British food and drink. In line with site policy, this reflects where I am and what I like!
30 May 2012 First change for a long time: Music and Theatre has been separated from Home and Leisure. The new Music and Theatre page contains more detailed and newly restructured information about (mainly classical) music venues, festivals, sources and theatres. It's not intended to be comprehensive though.
12 May 2008 no externally visible changes but we have added Google Analytics code to some pages. We have removed a couple of redundant pages that haven't been linked for some time.
1 Jan 2008 This site has been brought within the new InformationSpan network
2 March 2007 restructured "IT Advisory & Research", now "IT Analysis & Research", and merged the future watch/research publications page since most of the latter was out of date
28 Jan 2006 Reviewed and restructured the Accessible Software page
8 July 2005 Added pages for IT developers and business information, and merged personal healthcare information into the main Healthcare page
10 November 2004 Restored the Jubilee Campaign link
9 November 2004 Restructured the IT Hardware page and added new page (no content yet) for personal devices
4 October 2004 renamed "Geographical page" as "Information services" to reflect its evolved role. The file itself has been renamed from geog.htm to info.htm.